Are you looking for a completely custom save the date, invitation, or thank you card? Then turning yourself into a cartoon!

1. Send me a photo

2. We come up with a fun idea

We discuss what makes you a unique couple remotely (phone, email, etc)

In this discussion we come to an agreement on a scene that fits your needs and budget

3. You receive a one of a kind illustration

I send you a sketch of the completed scene

I sketch out the happy couple in a scene that has special meaning. In this case, because the groom loves planes and the bride always goes against the norm, I drew the couple sky diving.

4. You receive your custom art

You receive an electronic print-ready file via download

The file that's provided can be used at any printer of your choice


1. I can handle print and deliver printed materials directly to you
2. I can create a custom electronic version and send them to your email list
3. I can create a custom banner version to be use on any online wedding website

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